Getting Back in the Hobby

Between getting – and moving into – a new place, work, and getting said new place fully set up, I’ve not had a whole lot of time for any of my hobby projects. This past weekend I took some time to organise the last of the cupboards, empty the final boxes, and get myself a new hobby cave set up. It’s nothing fancy, just a cupboard under the stairs which Harry Potter would find cramped, but it’s something at least. I need to find a way to organise my paints better (at the moment the ones I’m not using are stuffed into a couple of carry cases under the desk), but I’ve got a work surface, brushes, tools, my airbrush, and a massive backlog of stuff to paint!

Of course, I still need to do something about time… but I can work on that. And a gaming table. I could do with one of those as well. Especially now Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition is imminent.

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