The Dug puts into words (far better than I could) some thoughts which came to me on the way home about the borderline racist fury coming from the UK press about the possibility of a large bloc of SNP MPs at the next Westminster election:

The fury and bile originating from the UK media vastly outstrips in volume and quantity any anti-English sentiment found in Scotland. That’s not to say there is no such thing as anti-English sentiment in Scotland, it does exist. But it’s identified for what it is – an unacceptable prejudice. Anti-Scottish sentiment is dressed up as fair comment and is plastered all over mainstream UK newspapers.

Via The Verge:

Horowitz says that he’s now running Google’s Photos and Streams products — two new names for existing elements of Google+ that conspicuously don’t reference the social network. The name changes could possibly suggest that Google is planning to kill or significantly alter the brand, but the company has yet to make an announcement to confirm or deny this.

The photos part of Google+ has been fantastic for a number of years – and worth much, much, much more to me then the “social” side. At one point my entire photo library was in Google Photos, but having to use Google+ as part of that made it less than ideal.

Hopefully they’ll let you deactivate the “Streams” product if you don’t use it, so I can stop getting spam invites to events and groups.

Just a few thoughts on last night’s PPV:

  • Bit of a sleeper during the opening 6-man tag match; can’t say I found it particularly entertaining. Of the participants, the only guy I’m a fan of is Seth Rollins, and it feels like they’re sticking him in this angle because they can’t think of anything better right now.
  • Golddust vs Stardust was a much better match, with some great in-ring story-telling. I’m looking forward to the inevitable rematch at Wrestlemania.
  • Tag championship match – meh.
  • Sting/Triple-H went exactly as expected.
  • Divas championship match – so much more could’ve been done. A Paige win could’ve set-up a Wrestlemania match with a returning AJ Lee, or Brie turning against Nikki setting up a proper conclusion to the Bella feud which followed SummerSlam.
  • The Intercontinental match was the match I was most looking forward to. It wasn’t exactly a classic, but a solid enough effort which sets up the Wrestlemania clash nicely.
  • Bray Wyatt’s segment I have to give credit to for not pulling a swerve where it was revealed he was challenging Kane or something else.
  • Rusev/Cena was easily one of the best matches of the show. Rusev comes out of it looking great, and it sets up a big fight rematch for Wrestlemania
  • Main event – the result was what I expected, so there was no surprise (right down to the handshake afterwards). This match was designed to win over those who doubt Reigns is ready for the ‘Mania main event. Was I convinced? Not entirely, but there was enough to see he’s improving fast. No doubt he’ll be “the man” in the future, but I don’t think he’s the right guy to face Lesnar in 5 weeks. [Sidenote: was it me, or was the crowd pretty much totally flat during long, long stretches of this match?]

Twin 1: What are you eating?
Me: Cheesecake.
Twin 2: Does it have peanuts in it?
Me: No.
Twin 1: Does it have chocolate in it?
Me: Yes.
Twin 1: Can I try some?
Twin 2: Can I try some?
Me: No.
Me: This is my reward for putting up with your crazy behaviour today. So no.

Another day, another mobile game catching my attention… this time it’s AdVenture Capitalist!, where the goal is simply to make as much money as possible (because, capitalism!)


It’s simple, and quick fun, with you spending your profits to buy more ways to make money faster. Definitely worth the £0 to use as a distraction while waiting for a Tapped Out or BuildIt timer…