New Flatmate

I really am good to you people – two updates in two days!

My new flatmate started moving in today. Well, yesterday in fact. He moved some of his stuff in while I was at work. The rest’ll probably come today. Anyway, the whole thing has given me a chance to guage what type of person he is (I’ve never met him, but he’s a friend of my other flatmate Sol) – he left his CD’s at the flat yesterday. The analysis however, is not good… It would appear that my new flatmate could well be the lowest form of life: a Ned. I reach this conclusion through the sheer number of indie dross in his CD collection. He’s got nearly as many CD’s as me by the look of things, but all of them seem to be either by people like Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis, Blur, etc, or those indie compilations such as Shine.

Lets hope my stereo can go louder! ;-)

Of course, the “vintage” adidas trainers left behind also had something to do with this conclusion…

Could it all coincidence? Could the guy actually be a well adjusted, normal person? Hopefully.

But see if I find a Burberry shirt…