ChrisMcLeod.Net Edging Closer to Design Nirvana

Been working on the site this afternoon, finalising the CSS mostly…

All you heathen Netscape 4 users (upgrade your browsers, you freaks!) should now see some form of styling and formatting. It might not be the prettiest site around though… but that’s the price you have to pay for using outdated, non-standards compliant browsers. Pay attention to that message that you should now be seeing at the top of the page – it’ll make your web experience all the better

The rest of you should see a fine looking site indeed (if I do say so myself), that should display the same in any modern browser. I just have to get a few things checked and ratified for the non-windows user, before I can say it’s totally finished… If a website is ever totally finished, that is.

I’ve even set up the stylesheets so everything prints nice and clearly… ain’t I nice?

So why all this effort for a simple site? Well, I hope to use this site as a sort of “live demo” of what can be achieved through XHTML/CSS, so I can tell people why they are the way to go, with regards to web design. Obviously, my point would be moot if I didn’t practice what I preach!

So bring on the Standards Revolution, it’s about time we kicked things back into touch.
You can expect a lot more preaching on this subject from me…

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