A Break At Last

Hurrah! Tomorrow I’m on holiday, for the first time in a fair while. It’s only for a day, but it’s better than nothing!

One thing that has really taken some getting used to, since leaving uni, is the non-stop attitude of work. Uni may be stressful at times, but the “real world” is down right exhausting at times. No more can I sleep till 11, go to a computer lab at 12 and leave half way through. Oh no. 9-5 every day without fail. 45 minutes for lunch, and that’s your lot… and all to pay the bills and the debt you acquired as a student. No 6 month holidays either.

The scary thing is, I probably have the easiest job in the I.T. department, but even that is pretty non-stop. It’s been one thing after the next, recently.

The Big One has been the redevelopment of the company’s web presence. It’s been several months of brainstorming-coding-testing-repeat and has certainly been one of my biggest challenges so far. I haven’t been responsible for the public website, but the “Client Area”. I’ve had to build a secure system that is also very dynamic and serves the needs of our clients. From displaying a simple weekly report, to implementing a method of transferring hundreds of megabytes of data via the site, I’ve had to strech myself to build what we needed. The end is in sight for that project – the external testers are picking their way through it (or should be!) and we hope to have it “out the door” within a month or two.

The latest project has been the DTI/SHARP IOR eNewsletter. Well, this isn’t really a “new” project, as I’ve had to deal with this one every few months for over a year now. However, it needs a major revamp. For a start, it’s very invalid HTML, and uses tables for layout – not very accessible and a pain to update… it takes around 2 weeks for me to turn the articles into the web pages. Second, it looks just plain crap! There are also a few new features that need to go into it, to increase interaction between the site and the users…

My plan is to turn the IOR e-newsletter into a lean, mean, XHTML/CSS machine… For the type of content that it is, it makes sense. For the amount of time it takes me to update the site, it makes sense. It just makes sense. Of course, I’ll have to explain to my boss the whats and whys, to try and convince him to just let me run with it.

But you know what? Despite all the stress and the workload, I’m faaaaaar happier at work than I was at uni…

–> I want one of these. <–