Case Mod Project Nearing Completion

After a bit of fiddling around with my PC this afternoon, it’s now one step closer to being finished

I’ll post pictures of it soon, but all that’s left to be done is:

  • stealth the floppy/CD drives
  • mod a new front bezel for the cooldrive 2
  • tidy up the cabling, with some cable braiding
  • swap out the standard blowhole fan on the Lain Li, for a papst fan (to match the other fans which I’ve replaced), and attach this to the rheobus, and get some cool fan guards.
  • new PSU
  • finalise the CPU cooler. The current one is a bit loud and fugly (Thermalright SK800 + an 80mm aluminium fan)
  • finalise the case lighting. The current maplin bl00 ccfl isn’t bright enough.

Shouldn’t take too long to finish! Then I’ll have one sexhay PC. It’s only taken 3 months and a wad of cash…