E107 beta v0.600 Released

The excellent open source CMS, e107, was updated to version 0.600 beta late last night.
This version has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the popular alternative to the common PHPNuke or PostNuke, as it marks a dramatic rewrite of the underlying codebase – vastly improving speed, stability and extensibility.

Improvements include:

  • Leaner, meaner, codebase
  • A simplified plugin development structure
  • A plugin manager for simplified plugin installation
  • Nearly completely rewritten forum script
  • Ability to preview themes in admin. area
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements

Initial tests definitely place this as the best and most impressive e107 release so far. Despite this being a beta “release candidate” it is extremely stable with very few issues that need resolved.

It should be noted that at present there is no upgrade script available, nor will there be one until the final version of v0.600 is released.

By the time the full v1 comes about, we should have a CMS that by far outclasses the existing Nuke status quo.

More information and downloads for e107 can be found at http://www.e107.org.