Ch-Ch-Changes (Again)

Well, I’m moving house (again) this weekend, starting tonight.
Back to living on my own – not with the parents, as I have been forced to over the last couple of months.

w00t, et al.

The new flat is massive, more than enough room for me and all my assorted crap. Definitely space for an office area, which is nice… and will prove very useful in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

ADSL gets activated on Thursday… At last, no more 56K dialup :D Quadrouple w00t!! (As a bonus, the router that I’m using has built in wireless. Perfect for use with that shiny new laptop of mine :) )

Until then, however, I’m not going to have net access… :S

I guess it means I’ll be forced to sit down and try to finish all those coding projects I need to get done…

See you on the other side!