Move Update

We’re into the new house, (mostly) decorated and unpacked.

Euan loves playing in the garden, especially squishing the raspberries.

I’ve not sorted out a net connection yet, hence the lack of communication, but should have one soon.

Moving forced us to look at all the clutter we’ve (I’ve?) accumulated – we’ve donated a lot of stuff to charity shops and have even more to go. Other stuff may turn up on eBay.

The Transformers collection is one thing that is to go, apart from a few choice selections. It’ll be sad to see it go, but for space and sanity, it’s a must. Something else that will be going, is the overabundance of computer equipment and components. It may all be replaced with a nice and compact eMac.

Also in the spirit of recycling, I’ve taken Nicola’s neglected mountain bike and put it to use. The aim is to be a lot fitter (and hopefully a bit leaner) in time for the wedding.

That’s all for now.