When Nothing Will Work

As a few might know, I’m trying to bring an easy to add XML-RPC interface to Textpattern. Beta 1 has a number of bugs that are show-stoppers for some and minor irritants to others.

Beta 1 was simply what “works for me”, using the setup I have at work (WinXP/W.Bloggar 3.03). Hopefully it would work for others, but I wasn’t holding much hope. Development never runs smoothly, when it’s for a community project.

Beta 2 is in the works. It’s far more advanced than Beta 1 is and is pretty much a ground-up rewrite. Beta 2 adds support for the MovableType API. This would add the ability to use excerpts, keywords and per-post textile parsing – all of which are currently missing from Beta 1.

As well as adding the extra API calls, I’m trying to get Beta 2 to work with other desktop clients. Currently I’m testing with Ecto for Windows (v1.0.8).

One would assume that, as XML is a fairly well known standard, that the parsing of XML-RPC messages would work the same across any client. Oooooh no. That would be too simple. For example, what works in W.Bloggar, throws up errors in Ecto. It’s not valid XML, apparently. I can’t see any errors in the output, so dunno what’s going on there!

I guess it’s just one of those days… Everything that can go wrong will. Ain’t it always the way.