Fleet Street CMS

I’ve been kicking around ideas in my head for a Content Management System, for some time. Though, given the number of sytems already available, it would seem that I’m not the only one!

In my mind, any CMS I build would include the following:

  • Full XHTML/CSS compliance;
  • Extensible with plugins;
  • Easy to change appearance with Templates;
  • Make use of “cruft-free” URL’s where possible;
  • XML-RPC interface;
  • A good level of control over the structure of the site;
  • Trackback functions (it’s not just for blogs!)
  • Textile parsing.

Much of these are features that I’ve found in an existing CMS and loved. Textile from Textpattern and Trackback from MovableType, for examples.

Indeed, as a developer, I don not see the point in reinventing the wheel. That’s why I’ve came up with the following forward plan:

  • The starting code base will come from Textpattern v1.0
  • Work will be done to change the database functions to EzSQL, which is wicked fast
  • At the same time, the admin functions and interface will be seperated where possible