My First CSS

Digging through my work machine, I came across this little gem – the first page I ever did that used CSS for layout as well as colour and type.

Originally, it was for an e107 theme (“Less”) that I was creating at the time. No one had done a theme using CSS for layout as well as color/style etc. until then and having just “discovered” web standards, I wanted to be the first. There was also a green variant created, with a few tweaks, called “Less:Verdant”. Soon after Less and its sister were released (mere days if I recall), several new themes sprang-up either adapting Less or using CSS to control layout.

That must have been about 18 months ago – or maybe even slightly longer!

As e107 uses PHP to dynamically generate page elements, the “demo page”:gem isn’t quite the same mark-up as what the CSS would have been applied to originally, but it’s close enough for the desired effect.

I guess the CSS is pretty basic, but it’s nice to see where I’ve come from and compare it to what I can do now. Who knows – I might evendo a new version of Less one day, updated to make full use of my improved CSS skills!