Upgrade Cycle

Despite a couple of people telling me to “Go Mac” in the comments for my previous entry on the subject, I’ve decided to stick with what I know – namely x86.

Due to a fairly low budget I’m doing the upgrade in stages – Motherboard/Processor/HDD first, then RAM and then the graphics card last. This upgrade will probably have to last me a couple of years

Soooo… What did I pick? To replace my aging AMD Athlon XP 1700+/MSI NForce 2 board and 40GB HDD, I’ve gone for:

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor
  • DFI LanParty Pro875B
  • 2×160GB Western Digital Caviar SE SATA drives

These bits will be joining some that I’m keeping from my existing desktop:

  • Lian Li PC61 Anodised Black Aluminum case w/ side window
  • Stealthed 4x DVD+/-RW drive
  • 512MB cheap RAM (for now)
  • Creative GeForce 4 128MB 4800ti SE (for now)
  • Phillips Digital 5.1 surround sound card
  • Belkin 802.11b wireless card

I might also keep the old IDE HDD for installing Linux on. I’ll also be replacing the fans in my case with some (hopefully) quieter ones. Overclocking an Athlon leads to some serious temps, so the old fans are powerful but noisy buggers. At the same time, I’ll be ditching most of the mods I previously made to the case (rheobus fan controller, extra front panel connectors, etc). I decided to keep the case cos it’s expensive and looks cool. Even if it is a little on the big side.

Of course, I still don’t have an work area to put this all yet. Thankfully I have a week off of work, next week, so I’ll be able to get the DIY tools out and build me an office!