I’ve done a bit more testing on XRT Beta 2 tonight and I’ve noticed that BloGTK isn’t setting the category on a post.

Given that I use Linux a fair bit and would be likely to be using BloGTK at some point or another, I thought it might be best to get this fixed ASAP. But bugger me, can I get it working? Can I heck.

Incidentally, I think I may have fixed the category bug that is showing up in Ecto. More on that in a moment.

BloGTK seems to differ from most other desktop XML-RPC clients that I’ve tested with, in that it doesn’t send the category name in the method mt.setPostCategories. “No problem” says I, “I’ll just test for a category name and if there isn’t one, get it from the DB based on the ID”. Works in theory, but in practice it is proving rather elusive.

Moan moan, bloody moan. Get on with it man!

Anyway, all my tinkering to solve one problem has possibly solved another. Beta 2.1solves the problem of Ecto reporting an error when posting an entry with a category.
Also included is basic support for mt.supportedTextFilters – though it doesn’t actually do much at the moment!

Download XRT Beta 2.1 Here