Ransoming Code?

Until recently, I thought most scripts/themes/programs/etc released on the net tended to fall into one of two categories: free or commercial. Each has their good and bad points. Free stuff tends to get a wider distribution, but you don’t get anything tangible back for your efforts. Commercial stuff gives you cash, but you then have to deal with protecting your work from piracy – not an easy task.

However, I’ve recently come across a new concept: ransoming your code. The basic idea is that you give your work away for free, under an open license, after a “bounty” has been raised. The people who want your code have to initially raise a sum of money for it. Once that sum is reached, the work is released to the public, for free from that moment onwards.

I’m kinda liking this way of doing things. It means you get something back for your work and get to release it for (sorta) free.

I’ve been thinking about what I could possibly “ransom off”. Recently, a lot of my work has been porting other people’s to a different system. I can’t ransom that – it’s not my work to profit from. Other stuff like XRT need widespread public testing so aren’t suitable for this system. I’m going to have to think about it, as it would be a handy way to make a few extra bob.

A TXP theme ransomed for $50? A plugin for $100?
What do you think?