Two Freebies

Stepping away from all this ransomware stuff for a moment, I’ve got a couple of things available for free!

Activity Plugin

I forgot to post here (though I did post it on the TXP Forums) that the Activity plugin, that you can see a demo of in the menu to your right, is available for download.

The plugin lists the most recent articles that you have written, that have been commented on. Under each article title, it lists the names of a few of the people that have left a comment.

Call the plugin using <txp:cjm_activity />. Optionally, you can use the following attributes to customise the output:

  • wraptag (defaults to “ul”)
  • break (defaults to “li”)
  • class
  • id (defaults to “activity”)
  • limit – the number of posts to list (default is 5)
  • commenters – the max number of “commenters” to list per post (3 by default)

Download the zip file (3KB)

Pixel Meadow FeedDemon Style

Nothing too fancy… I knocked up a FeedDemon style that matches the feel of the site. It’s all green and easy on the eyes, using a bit of whitespace to make things nice to read.

Grab it here (6KB). If you open the link in FeedDemon, it should ask you if you want to install and apply the style automatically.