Mumbo Jumbo

Nothing particularly coherant in this post… Just a couple of mish-mash things that I wanted to get out…

“Meadow” Style Now On FeedDemon Styles Page.

Nick Bradbury has added my Meadow FeedDemon style to the FeedDemon Styles download page. If you’re using FeedDemon, the RSS feed for the page will be listed under “Bradbury Software”.

I know this isn’t anything major, I know, but it’s nice to know that some portion of my work is “out there” in the wider world!

More Thoughts on Ransomware.

I know… I keep going on about this stuff! Anyway. My thoughts at the moment are that ransomware works best if you have something that people care about. Or, you’re someone they know and trust.


Others simply don’t like the idea of it, or are confused by the concept.

If you’re just some Joe with a blog and suddenly go “hey! I have something youmight want! Here’s the ransom for it! If you pay the ransom then it’s yours!”, then it probably isn’t going to work too well for you. Especially if you’re out to make a quick buck.

I do think ransomware is potentially a Very Good Idea™. Whether it does prove to be remains to be seen. I’ll still be trying it on some works. Others I’ll either out-and-out sell or give away for nothing. Whichever I feel is appropriate.

When You’re Down, Your Community Won’t Bail You Out.

Something I’ve learned recently, watching the slow, lingering death of a community site. Community means nothing when it comes down to cash.

New TXP Theme Coming Soon.

I had a bit of paid work that fell through, so I’ve got the (currently not-quite-finished) outcome of that sitting on my HDD doing not much.

The client wanted something based around the Blogger colour scheme. Then he decided to go with his friend who made him a cheapo 2Advanced rip-off in Flash. 1.2MB of Flash (in a single file). His choice I guess.

Not sure if this theme will be free or ransomed off. I’m currently leaning towards “free” at the moment, but I’ll see how long it takes me to finish first.

I’ll post a preview tomorrow.

Paypal & TXP

How many people would want a plugin that makes it a piece of cake to sell stuff via Paypal on your Textpattern site, including digital goods? Just for my curiosity…

Damn, My iPod is Unlistenable Right Now

Is unlistenable spelt right? Or even a word?

My iPod is currently out of commission. The connector jack that plugs my remote control headphones into the iPod is cracked, so everytime I move while listening to it sound either goes *really*crackley or cuts out. I don’t like listening to music without some sort of remote (easier skipping of stuff that doesn’t fit the mood), so I guess it’s time to order a new remote control unit.

Over and out for tonight. Hope all that has fulfilled your appetite for random subjects!