Minor Site Tweaks

Even with all the mad rush that’s been going on, I’ve had some spare time tonight to tidy up a few things on the site that were either bugging me or I’d changed my mind about.

First up, the comments have changed, in two major ways.

First up, I’ve changed their appearence into something a bit more refined. I’ve also implemented Gravatars – kind of global commenter recognition system, using “Globally Recognisable Avatars”. The Gravatar site has a hack for adding gravitars to TXP comments, so implementation was easy. Thanks to John Oxton for pointing me towards Gravatars.

The next major change is that comments no longer close after just 2 weeks. For the moment, they never close, but I’ll be evaluating this so it may change.

Now, a tip: when redesigning, don’t assume that everything that worked before will still work. The previous version of the site used the plain old txp:article tag on the front page. This version uses lots of txp:article_custom. Unfortunately, TXP’s search functions don’t work right with article_custom…

Thanks to Justin for the hack to solve this – searches now have their own section, rather than using the default page template. An addition of a little bit of mod_rewrite made the URL a little cleaner as well (thanks to Mamash on the TXP forums for help with that!).

One thing that really bugged me before, was that the older/newer article links weren’t displaying the correct post title. This has now been fixed. If you find that the same is happening to you, just look up this post on the TXP forums.

I’ve also finally gone back and added something that I’d planned from the start of my redesign – page headings and descriptors on all the “top level” pages.

These weren’t done at the time, as Dan had yet to include any icons larger than 16×16 in his Stockholm set. Now that he has provided 32×32 icons, Pixel Meadow now has even more lurverly icon goodness!