Everyone’s an Expert

I witnessed something quite bizarre on the way home from work today. I’d popped into our nearest PC World store on the way, to pick up a USB hub for my parents (2x USB Ports + 8 USB devices = cable nightmare). While I was browsing around, edging closer to the Mac section as I usually do, I overheard another customer talking to a member of staff about antivirus/security software.

Unfortunately, it’s a habit of mine that when a store sales person is talking about anything computer related I listen in to see how clued up – or not – they are. With PC World, normally the staff aren’t particularly good. This staff member seemed reasonably knowledgable about spyware/virii, how they get on your machine and cause havoc and how to avoid them. Slightly better than average I’d say. He was recommending an overpriced, not-so-good bit of software though…

Anyway, conversation finishes and customer leaves contented. It was only then that I realised who they had been speaking to – the store security guard! I was amazed, simply because he seemed more clued in about computers than most of the other staff I’ve had dealings with in PC World (or most big chain-stores for that matter). I hope they pay him extra for being a decent salesperson as well as keeping the store secure!