Yes, underpants. Great big, steaming, soiled underpants. Why, might you ask, am I talking about not-so-pleasant-definitely-quite-shitty underpants?

Because the central heating boiler’s packed in. Great. Apart from it being rather cold over the next few days, that’ll be £1000+ to get sorted. But that’s not the end of it, oh no…

I guess it’s ironic in a way, but nearly as soon as I decide that I’m switching to Mac, my current XP laptop goes and bites the bullet. It’s developed some sort of power fault and is deader than a very dead Dodo. Great.

I’ve got extended warranty cover on it, but it could be away for upto 6 weeks being repaired. Bugger. In the mean time, I’ll only have access to a computer at work.

Because of the boiler problems happening, I can’t afford to buy my iBook with my wages. My next plan would have been to sell the laptop and use the proceeds – but oh no, it’s duffed. So I’ve got no machine and no money to replace it.