My Birthday Came Early!

Ok, so what with all the problems mentioned in the previous post, I was starting to think that my ambition to switch to an iBook were all but shattered.

Aha! Not so, it transpired!

Just when things were looking bleak, my employer announced that the company had merged with another, complimentary business. For the deal to go ahead, all employee stock options had to be bought out by the management… at nearly 10x what mine were worth when I got mine!

This good fortune really saved the day. Not only on the iBook front, but with a couple of other major issues that were hanging over us – and still left some to go into the wedding fund.

My XP laptop been sent away to be repaired (and will be away for a few weeks at least). It will be sold when I get it back, but on top of that, the work is piling up…

So it’s a good job I bought my iBook today. 14” G4 1.33GHz w/ Superdrive, 60GB HDD, Airport Extreme, etc. The RAM upgrade has been ordered.

It’s gorgeous. The screen seems so much clearer and brighter than my old laptop. I’m still getting used to the intricacies of OSX and everything else that comes from switching to a Mac, but so far I like it a lot. Even if the keyboard is taking some getting used to.

I’ll have to write up a full comparison/”switch story” some time.

As it’s all new to me, I turn to you, dear reader: have you got a useful tip you can pass on? Any essential apps I should be looking at? Things I should watch out for? Please, pass the information on!

Now excuse me, I have a new world to explore!