More Than Meets The Eye

I told you this talk of the Transformers was making me nostalgic!

I’ve been fascinated by the Transformers – the “Robots in Disguise” – since I was a young’un. There’s just something about giant robots that transform into everyday vehicles and objects that is plain cool!

As is the way, most of my original toy collection was thrown out long ago. However, during the later stages of my stint at University, I happened across the (then) latest toy line. That was it – they’d pulled me back in. A couple of years (and a fair bit of cash) later and I had a fairly substantial collection again, covering toys, DVDs and comics. For a while, I even ran a (now defunct) community site for fellow collectors.

That all had to stop about a year or so, as myself and Nicola had to start looking for a home for our growing family. Oh the joys of joining the adult world!

I still have my collection, but it’s packed away in the shed, for the most part as there’s just no room for it in our home. It’s a bit of a shame, really, but it needs to be done. I think that I’ll probably sell it on ebay one day. After all, I think it’s maybe better in the hands of someone that can appreciate it properly.