New-Age Victorian

For the first time in a while, the family and I had a chance to get out and about together. It was nice – for a change we went to one of the many parks in Aberdeen.

A small number of families obviously had the same idea, as the sounds of young children playing could be heard coming from the all too oft-empty swings and roundabouts. “Going to the park” is some thing seemingly less common nowadays. Life would be so much better if more people appreciated their surroundings better.

As we wandered along the pathways and through the various rose gardens, I couldn’t help feeling that there was something distinctly Victorian-era about the whole visit. The carefully tended surroundings (complete with fountains and iron railings); the still half-frosted air; the site of couples strolling around arm in arm pushing a baby in a pram or pushchair, their long, black, winter coats blowing gently in the cold breeze. It all made for a surreal yet refreshing change.

I’ve added the photos from our trip to Flickr – you can check them out here.