Textpattern 1.0 RC3 Released

After what seems like an age, Dean has released a new version of Textpattern! This aims to be the last testing release before the big 1.0 in a week or so.

Lots and lots of changes in this new release – thanks to the addition of two additional developers to the team: Kusor and Zem.

Ah. Lots of changes. I knew there was a downside. If I want to upgrade, I’ll have to work out all my hacks and changes afresh. Hrm. Bugger.

One thing I’m a little disappointed in, is the new clean URLs function. I couldn’t get it to work using /year/month/day/title links and the glx_if plugin, or with sections. Also, I think they’ve missed a few opportunities with this function. They could have natively added date awareness to TXP – so /year/month would bring up all the entries for that year/month, and so on. Also, they could have made the URL schemes operate on a per-section basis. That would’ve been nice.

For functionality alone, I wouldn’t upgrade. However, due to the number of improvements to the code base over all, I have to consider it. Argh – I hate choices.