Staying Focussed

I have an overactive imagination. Always have done, probably always will. When I say “overactive”, I don’t mean the negative type that is slightly paranoid/jumps to conclusions/imagines bad things happening from situations. No, instead I have the daydreamer type – lots of ideas, flights of fancy… that type of thing. I think that if I was any good at writing then I could have written a number of Sci-Fi books by now, as well as at least two Star Wars films and a new Transformers series. Instead, I usually find it extremely difficult to creatively express 99% of the stuff that buzzes around my head. More often than not, the stuff that does somehow get out never lives up to my hopes/expectations and gets binned. It’s incredibly frustrating at times.

Another frustration is that I sometimes find it very difficult to stay focused and concentrate on a task at hand. The problem gets exponentially worse if the job is dull, repetitive or isn’t stimulating in some way. Losing your focus on a job is A Very Bad Thing. Jobs take longer than they have to – not something that you want to happen if the job is for a client! They can also end up being done badly. If you’re not paying due attention, how can you guarantee that the job has been done to the best of your abilities?

Things have been getting worse recently. So much so that now, dear reader, I turn to you. How do you keep yourself focused on the task at hand? Do you have any productivity secrets you would be willing to share? Does anyone else suffer from a similar problem?