Any Interest in a “Fork” of TXP?

In case anyone’s been wondering why it’s been a bit quiet around here lately…

I’ve been working a lot with the code base of Textpattern RC3 recently, using it as the basis of a publishing system for a small network of sites. Each of these sites covers a different topic, but follows the same basic structure. Textpattern did much of what we were looking for in a backend system, so we decided to work out what we were missing and take it from there.

As a side note, the other contender for the backend was the ubiquitous WordPress. It would have also been a good fit. The decision to go with Textpattern was because we had a better understanding of the code.

Anyway, the point of this is: would anyone be interested in a packaged version of our modified system? We’ve not done all the planned work to it yet, but we feel that it might be of real benefit to others when it is ready. Some of the changes that we’ve done – we feel – really fill in some glaring omissions in TXP’s feature set.

Here’s a brief rundown at just some of what we’re looking at:

  • Per-Section URL schemes: define a different URL scheme for each section. Your blog might follow /yyyy/mm/dd/title/, while your about section follows /section/title/. We’re also toying with making defining your own schemes easier to implement.
  • Better XML-RPC support: a new and improved version of XRT, with better control of options and settings. Categories might also work properly in this version!
  • A few more comment spam blocking options.
  • Tag (Taxonomy) Support.
  • A Better Admin UI.

There are some other things that we’re toying with as well and others that I don’t want to announce just yet. Feel free to leave your own suggestions too! Some of the features that we’re eye-balling are currently available as plugins, but we want to fully-integrate and improve on these.

I can’t give an ETA yet, but we do hope to have it ready sooner, rather than later.

If you’re interested, leave a note here, along with any suggestions you might like to see added to the feature list.