A Musical Baton

We interrupt our scheduled Star Wars programming to bring you the latest meme spreading through the blogosphere. Pete passed the baton to me, and before I pass it on, here’s the skinny on my music collection:

Total volume of files on my computer is…

8.19GB, although some of it belongs to the Missus.

The last CD I bought was…

Promises/Warnings – Idlewild.

Song playing right now is….

There isn’t one, as I’m at the office. Last one played on my iPod before getting to work was Creeping Death (live) by Metallica.

Five songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me are…

Like others, this is just what’s been played a fair bit recently.

  1. Why Do You Love Me? – Garbage
  2. Galvanise – Chemical Brothers
  3. S.O.S.B*Movie Heroes
  4. Duel of the Fates – John Williams
  5. Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World

Five people to whom I’ll be passing the baton are…

  1. Rob Mientjes
  2. Ben Sekulowicz
  3. Andrew Hume
  4. Tom Werner
  5. Jonathan Leighton