Pixel Meadow’s Fresh Look

New Clothes

Refresh your cache if need be – Pixel Meadow: Fresh White Shirt Edition has launched. While not all the content or features are in place just now, and a few creases have yet to be ironed out, the site has been put “out there” to get it off my local disk and into “circulation”.

The Skinny (Fit)

“Fresh White Shirt” marks a change in thinking for me. For as long as I can remember, nearly every site I’ve designed (I use that term loosely) has been generic, fixed width, two-column and “safe”.

This time, I forced myself to try something different. Inspired by Garrett Dimon and Paul Scrivens, I tried a single column approach. Put the main stuff front and center – the rest can follow on behind.

Normally I’m conservative with my typography – especially in size – so I tried bumping things up a few notches.

This season, colours are bold, vibrant and fresh. None of my old, muted style here!

Last, but not least, this shirt is elasticated. Pixel Meadow is using an elastic layout for a comfortable fit no matter your text/screen-size preference.

Fashion Accessories

What shirt is complete without a few accessories? Denis added his magic touch to pimp me out with a new logo and some hot badges. It’s all about the right label, baby.

Custom Stitching

As always, Pixel Meadow is powered by Textpattern, with a few tweaks and mods. I’ll be writing more about these later.

I Can’t Think of Anything Else Clothes Related…

…So I’ll call it a day here. As I said, not everything is in place yet, and a few things need to be tidied up. Even so, I’m happy enough with the design to want to hear your comments. A fashion nightmare worthy of Trinny and Suzanna? Or tres chic? You decide!