On a Film Kick: Kevin Smith Week

To celebrate finally getting my hands on a copy of Clerks – 10th Anniversary Edition on DVD1, I’ve spent this week watching each of the “Jay and Silent Bob” flicks in turn.

Monday: Clerks.

“I’m not even supposed to be here today” – something I remember well from my own stint as a “clerk” in the local small convenience store. Partly because I’d seen all the other films beforeClerks, and partly because I could identify with Dante, Randall and many of the situations in the film; I found Clerks to be a lot less laugh-out-loud funny than I’d been led to believe. It was more funny in a cringe-inducing “been there, done that” way at times. One thing I did like, was identifying all the characters, stories and situations that are alluded to or make cameos in later films. 8/10

Tuesday: Mallrats.

Widely derided as Kevin Smith’s worst film, Mallrats holds a special place in my heart as it was the first of his movies I watched. More of a “silly film” than Clerks, Mallrats is a good film to watch if you want a no-brainer comedy for a Friday night-in. The plot is cliché, the characters are pretty flat (although Brodie is amusing), but Mallrats still manages to be better than most of the teen comedies of the last few years. 7/10

Wednesday: Chasing Amy.

Chasing Amy is my least favourite Kevin Smith film by far. Probably because I generally hate romantic comedies. A few funny moments (mostly from Bankie), drowned in an ocean of syrup. A few interesting points for discussion on sexuality and gender/racial equality lie buried in there as well… But Ben Affleck just gets on my tits throughout the entire film. 4.5/10

Thursday: Dogma.

I first came across Dogma when writing an essay on religion in the media for school; I rented a load of films with religious themes one weekend and used them as the basis for my essay. I got a 95% mark. Dogma was probably my favourite film that weekend, as much of what it said fit with my own outlook on religion, but it was said in such a entertaining way. It’s testament to how good the film is, when I enjoy Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s characters (particularly Damon2 as the homicidal Loki) . 9/10

Friday: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

The end of the series and the first to revolve entirely around Jay and Silent Bob. With so many cameos, back-referances and homage’s, the film is mostly a fan-boy flick. With none of the serious underlying messages of Chasing Amy and Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob is a bit likeMallrats but with a better script and acting. 7.5/10

1 I know it’s been out in the US for ages, but it’s only been out for a few weeks in the UK, and most stores I looked in didn’t have it.

2 I must admit I think Damon is also great in the Bourne films (particularly The Bourne Identity)