Just Let Me Play Poker, Dammit!

Finding an online casino/poker room that supports Mac users isn’t as easy as you would hope. 99% of the sites I’ve tried simply don’t work. More often than not the standard casino games (Blackjack/Roulette, etc) will work1, but Poker seems to be a special exception that requires special software.

Some sites do try, however. Or rather, they think they’re trying, bless ‘em. Take a look at this frankly ridiculous set of system requirements from one of the “big” Poker sites:

[Missing Image]

Excuse me? MS VirtualPC as a requirement? I need to buy a 3rd party application that costs a couple of hundred quid, just so I can lose win money in your virtual casino? Why not just tell me I’m “not supported” like the other sites? At least they were polite about it.

In the end, I found a poker site that does support Mac users (via a java interface), though it seems to have limited functionality. No practice rooms, for one. Not that it stopped me doubling my money in just a couple of hours.

Mac Users: still “second class” citizens in the eyes of some…

1 Most of these seem to be flash or java based. Why it can’t be like this for poker as well, is a mystery.