XRT 2.1 (”Telegraf”) Released!

At long last, XRT gets an update! Version 2.1 urinates on version 1 from a great height, in terms of compatibility and speed. A fair amount of reworking has gone on under the hood, allowing me to reduce the amount of code, while improving overall performance.

Fully Textpattern 4.0 compatible.

I’ve tested from RC3 right through to the 4.0 release (not the latest SVN version though!) and had no problems with it what so ever. However, obviously I can’t account for everyone’s setup, so no doubt someone will find a bug. Please report any bugs in the comments of this post.

Telegraf also pays more attention to your Textpattern settings – using your standard comments greeting, for example, or not using textile if you have it switched off.

MovableType API Support – Now with Categories!

One of the biggest failings with XRT v1 was that categories didn’t work if you were using the MovableType API. This problem should now be a thing of the past. Other improvements for the MT API include:

  • You can specify if you want to use textile formatting or not.
  • You can choose if comments are open or not
  • Some bug fixes in the handling of excerpts and keywords

Works With Mac

I currently don’t have access to a PC, so I haven’t been able to test Telegraf with any Windows or Linux clients. However, if they follow the API specs, they should work no problem. If not, please let me know in the comments.

Marsedit and Ecto on Mac both work great from my end.


You can download XRT 2.1 (Telegraf) here


Extract the zip file on your local machine. This should give you a file xmlrpcs.phpand a directory called lib, containing xmlrpc.php. Copy these to the root of your Textpattern installation on your server (so /textpattern/ or whatever) – and that’s it!

What’s Next?

One feature that I wanted to get into Telegraf, but wasn’t able to get working reliably yet, was support for upload via the newMediaObject method. Thanks to Christian Schwanke for his help with this. Rather than hold back release until I figured out where it was going wrong, I’m going to leave newMediaObject for a later version.

However, that next version might be a while coming. This thread on the textpattern support forum indicates that 3 people are working on 3 different XML-RPC interfaces for textpattern. Until some sort of consensus is reached on where we’re all going, I’m going to hold off doing any updates other than bug fixes.

I’m also going to try and put together a proper projects page in the next few days, so all information relating to Telegraf will be available in one place, rather than spread throughout the blog archives.