Arriving Late to the Xbox Party

I finally gone and done it… I caved and bought an Xbox. Yes, the original big, black, spawn of Redmond.

I can already hear some people asking “why would you buy an Xbox, when the new Xbox 360 is released in little over a month?” – well, much of it came down to price. I don’t particularly care about having the latest and greatest gaming machine, but if a newer model is on the horizon, it can only mean the current version (and all its games/accessories) is going to get cheaper. Cheaper == Good.

The other main reason for buying one was my existing console: the Gamecube. It is very difficult to get hold of nearly anything Gamecube related locally. On top of that, I only know of one game that is coming out that I’d want to play – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. In the end, I stopped using the GC because there was nothing exciting about it anymore. I bought it because I was able to play all the old Zelda games on it, but there’s only so many times you can complete Ocarina of Time/Wind Waker, et al, before you get bored.

One thing I like about the Xbox, is its potential. It’s basically a mini PC. Like a PC, it can be modded and tinkered with to take it far beyond what it was originally intended for. With a little bit of work, I might finally get my Media Centre. Or a fully-functional Linux box under my telly. Or I could just get all “Pimp My Ride” on its ugly ass and transform it into something stylish (an “iBox”, anyone?)