What Really Grinds My Gears

I’ve seen a few of these Family Guy inspired “gear grinder” posts going about, so I thought I’d add my own…

“Hey Lois, you know what really grinds my gears?”

People who don’t leave feedback for you on ebay. Ebay relies on the feedback system to let people know who is reliable and who to avoid. When someone fails to leave feedback after you (as a seller) provide excellent service such as describing the item accurately in the auction (happens less often than you might think), answering any questions from buyers promptly and politely, posting out items ASAP after packaging them extremely well and securely… it just pisses you off.

Doubly so after you had sent them a polite follow-up email checking they received the item, that everything was to their liking and reminding them to leave feedback -after all, you’ve already done so for them.

“Ya know what else grinds my gears?”

Wannabe scammers who end your auction via the “buy it now” option, yet never even bother to email you afterwards with their request to send your item to their son/uncle/father who is on a holy mission to deepest Nigeria, whilst requesting to pay via Western Union when the auction clearly states “Paypal Only”. I wouldn’t mind so much if they did at least put some effort in to it… otherwise they’re just wasting my time and money.