Both My Wedding and First Anniversary in One Day

Tomorrow (the 10th – the date on this post is wrong due to server time-zone differences) is my wedding day. This is my “last night of freedom” as some would put it. I’m spending it on my own (Nicola is at her mums’ and Euan is at my mums’) with a tub of cookie dough chip ice cream, a big bottle of diet coke, my ibook, my xbox and My Chemical Romance on iTunes 5 (which, for the record, I like the new look of). How excitingly rock ‘n’ roll!

I’d like to say I’m nervous and all that jazz that’s expected of someone who’s getting married… but I’d be lying. Stuff like this honestly doesn’t phase me in any way. If I was any more laid back I’d be tipped-up on my head. Maybe tomorrow morning it’ll all hit me, but I doubt it.

By a strange quirk of fate, tomorrow is the first anniversary of Pixel Meadow. I briefly thought about reverting to the look of the first version I put up of this site for old time’s sake, only to realise I didn’t have the time. Maybe next year.

Anyway, suffice to say, with all this going on, I’ll probably not be writing much over the next few weeks.