Looking for a Laptop Bag

I’m on the hunt for a new laptop bag. My rucksack style bag that I currently use is a) bulky as heck; b) falling to bits and c) hardly the height of fashion. So, fellow laptop users I’m looking for your suggestions.

I’m leaning toward a messenger-style bag (sometimes called a ‘flapdoozy’?) this time around. Nothing too bright or garish—black/browns/navy will do me. Something quite stylish; most laptop bags seem to say “I was designed by a Geek”; if it could also be something that doesn’t scream “hey! I’m carrying a laptop! Come mug me!” that would be a definite benefit. As would not costing a fortune… Thats right, I want it all and I want it right now!

Oh, most importantly: it has to fit a 14” iBook and all the accessories needed by an average laptop user (power supply, mouse, assorted CDs and cables, etc).

Ta, daaahlings.