Good and Bad Purchases of 2005

This year I have made a lot of purchases… some good, while others probably weren’t the best choice. As a kind of public warning to myself (in case I think about making any of the same mistakes again), I’m putting up my Good and Bad list for the year.

The Good

The iBook

My first Apple computer, and the start of a new love affair. It kept me entertained in hospital, has helped me work in new and better ways and has proved to be one of the best hardware purchases I’ve ever made.

The iMac

Sure, my first iMac died within a few weeks of purchase, but on the whole my experiences with the iMac have put it firmly in the ‘Good’ list. As the family computer, it rocks.

My Long Wool Overcoat.

It’s the first proper Overcoat I’ve owned and I’m wondering how I did without one before now. Hanging down to my knees and being quite thick it does a great job of keeping my warm and dry in the harsh Scottish winter! Teamed with the right scarf it makes the wearer (i.e. me!) one suave mofo!

Crumpler Double Charge

I’ve only had it in my possession a few hours, but this is one of the best bags I’ve owned (laptop or otherwise), period. It’s as roomy as my old rucksack, but smaller and easier to carry. It feels like it’s built like a tank and I have no qualms trusting it with my iBook.

The Most Important and Best of All: Wedding Rings

‘nuff said, really!

The Bad.

The Xbox

I’ve only had it 3 months, but I’m beginning to see the Xbox as a bad purchase. It was a good idea at the time; I was still off work and had plenty of time spare to kick back and enjoy a game or two. Now that I’m back to work it’s a very different story. I can’t remember the last time I powered it up. I’ll probably sell it in the next month or two.

The SPV C550

What was I thinking? A Windows Mobile device for a Mac User? While it seemed at first that I’d be able to sync it no problem, the reality was very, very different. On top of that, I’ve slowly become frustrated with the interface and the (lack of) speed in which tasks can be done.

The Elgato Eyehome

I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad product—it’s just not going to work how I want it to (through no fault of its own, I guess) and I don’t have time to get it working properly.

So all in all, it’s a bit of a mixed bag… I guess my lesson to learn is to be less impulsive with the cash!