Wanted: Honest Opinions of the PSP

I’m a gadget addict and I need help. After seeing Michael do this with a PSP, I’m beginning lust for a PSP* badly.

But just how good is the PSP, really? Is it the ultimate convergance device, or a jack-of-all-trades and master of none? While the ability to use it as a wireless remote is cool and all, it’s not exactly reason enough to spend a large chunk of change on a PSP. Unless I can see a load of other cool things I could do with a PSP, my wallet will be safe.

So what else can you do with a PSP (and a Mac)? What other cool stuff is out there? How good is it as a media device (especialy playing music/videos off a memory stick)? As a gaming device? Is it good enough that I could sell my iPod, or would it be silly to even think of that? I’d only be using a PSP as a way to stay entertained on the daily commute, so how robust is it? Is it really portable, or it like lugging a brick around?

Basically, could it honestly replace my iPod?

*The Ceramic White Special Edition one, naturally.