This was the Worst Time of Year to Break Up

It was.


Because of two things:

  1. Wedding Anniversary
  2. Son’s Birthday

Both during September; both within a week of each other.

I think this has made the first few weeks of the separation harder. Having two important family celebrations so soon after the break-up was bound to make things awkward and more difficult than, say, if it had happened in June.

Not that I’m suggesting there’s ever a good time for a marriage to end… just that this

I think we’ve managed to do well though. Neither of us really mentioned the Anniversary, other than in a passing SMS. So the Anniversary didn’t turn into the problem I worried it would.

Thankfully that weekend I had something else to distract me anyway; all three kids stayed for Friday and Saturday nights with me. This  in turn let me solve the tricky problem of the Birthday.

Essentially my son got 2 birthdays this year. He had his regular birthday with his Mum’s side of the family, and when he stayed with me he had his birthday with my side of the family. It wasn’t ideal, but it was the best we could really hope for at such short notice. Hopefully by this time next year we can sort out a better solution.

He also got a day-trip away to the aquarium with my Ex and I, so he could have some time with both his parents.

December is the next really awkward month. It’s the twin’s birthday, and then the big one… Christmas!



One comment on “This was the Worst Time of Year to Break Up”
  1. Oh Trapped, I know what you mean. September is a doozy for me as well. My daughter’s birthday and then our anniversary – four days apart. For my ex and I there was no mention of what would have been 21 years, it was any other day. A day I no longer want to count – but a day I can’t help but reflect on. I was so young, had so much more to learn, little did I know that very night, my wedding night, true colors would be shown by the man I had married.

    The children learn real quick that it will be two birthdays from now on, and…they kinda dig it. Not that they would choose that over divorce but one day they’ll figure out – two birthday’s is a much better deal than unhealthy love. One day…..

    Thinking of you and admiring the fact that your ex and you could take in a trip to the aquarium to celebrate your son’s special day, putting aside your own issues to celebrate a day that is truly your son’s. Kudos to you both….


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