Parents Evening

My biggest fear about this whole separation/divorce thing is that it screws up the kids, particularly my eldest. The other two are too young to understand what’s gong on, or to even know any different. The eldest though is both very smart, and at a sensitive age.

So I’m sure you can imagine it was more than a little unnerving to be ask to attend his Parent-Teacher evening. I had heard from the Ex that his teacher had voiced her disapproval of our situation on a couple of occasions (it’s a Catholic school).

In fact I was so anxious about how the evening might go I almost cancelled. Had I royally screwed up my son? Had the stress of his mummy and daddy splitting up affected his school work? Were there other issues we weren’t aware of?

Thankfully my fears proved unfounded. Apart from a few issues with poor handwriting, and a slight tendency to get distracted, he’s doing excellent at school. His memory is amazing, according to his teacher (a bit like my own), so even when he appears to be not paying attention he can recall even the most obscure detail about what the class is learning.

When we left, my ex and I were both smiling. The headmistress even commented on it as we were heading out the door. I’m pretty sure I was more grinning than smiling. I don’t think I can express just how relieved I was.



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    Happy New Year! So quiet – hope you are well.

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