Everything Wrong with the Facebook Mobile App, in One Picture*

screenshot of the facebook mobile app, highlighting the wasted space and wrong priorities

I don’t know about you, but if I’m checking Facebook on my iPhone, my priorities are one of two actions: add something new, or see the latest from my friends. So it baffles me that they would devote so much space at the top of the main view to friend suggestions. That feature is not important to 99% of mobile users, 99% of the time (yes, numbers plucked out of thin air… so sue me). By all means include the friend suggestion feature, but put it in the friends view.

[*] Yes, the image is slightly contrived by showing the screen in landscape orientation, but not much. I see one extra status update if in portrait view.

  1. Like most of their decisions they’ve no doubt done it for their own reasons… to grow Facebook, to increase activity. They are really not at all concerned with usability if you look at all the past changes they’ve made.


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