JSON Resume

JSON Resume is a new service aimed at developers, which provides an easy and interesting way to keep your Resume/CV up to date. You simply update a JSON file (you might have guessed this) and use the command-line tool to (re)generate in a variety of formats.

If you want, you can also register and publish your resume to their online registry (resume’s are private in the sense you have to give someone the direct link).

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while – a nice, simple, logical way to manage my resume. In the past I’ve utilised LinkedIn (shudder) and StackOverflow Careers and their respective export functions. JSON Resume would allow me to manage this myself, with more control over the output through the use of themes.

It’s still early days, so there’s not many themes available, and the PDF export looks a bit janky, but as it’s all Open Source and built on technology-du-jour NodeJS, I imagine these minor flaws will get fixed soon enough.