Dungeon Saga Update, and Some Chances to Win!

Time for a catchup with the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter!

Since launching 2 weeks ago, the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter has gone from strength to strength. At the time of writing it’s up over $416,000, and a LOT of additional stuff has been unlocked. Some of it is going into the box of those who pledge, and some of it is available as an optional extra. Either way, there’s a lot available! It’s at a point now where the Kickstarter is beyond the content of the main game, and funding the first expansion, “Warlord of Galahir.”

In addition to all of the really cool content, the “alpha” rules for the game have been released. Obviously, these are a work in progress, and not necessarily the final rules, but if you want to try them out yourself, you can get them here. Or if you just want to get a feel for how they play, Beasts of War have you covered:

Finally, for this upddate, there’s not one, but TWO contests for you to take part, where in each you can win either a full Kickstarter pledge, or one of five “retail” pledges. The first of these is being run over at BoardGameGeek (registration required). The second is run by Mantic themselves, and as a special treat, if you follow me on twitter, you can get a bonus entry into the “raffle.” Check out the link below for more information, and to enter!

Mantic Rafflecopter Giveaway