Short-Form Blogging

Gina Trapini gives a few ideas about short-form blogging, for when Twitter is too short, and a full article is too long (such as on Medium). Her new “rules” are all things I’ve mulled over. In particular, this item from her list is one resonates with me a lot:

Negotiate a comfort zone on two axes: personal and public, tech and everything else (feminism, musical theater, MMA, parenting, etc). 2001-era was too personal, Lifehacker/Smarterware too tech. There’s something in the middle.

This blog tends to go quieter when I’m struggling to balance writing between personal and public, or when the immediacy of Twitter overwhelms the need to say something. The number of times I’ve bent over backwards to get a thought into 140 characters is ridiculous. Not everything belongs on the blog, but probably more does than I’ve been writing.



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