Forgeworld Elspeth Von Draken WIP For #MiniatureMonday

[#MiniatureMonday is a weekly showcase of painted miniatures, usually on Twitter]

I’ve been working on my first hobby project in, like, forever, so I figured I’d share the WIP. The model is Elspeth Von Draken by Forgeworld. Or, at least, it’s the dragon part. I still have to do some conversion work to the rider before I can start painting her. The finished model won’t represent Elspeth.

After a two-tone primer (black, then grey), I started by blocking in colours with my airbrush and Vallejo Model Air paints. The underbelly is Khaki Brown, with a simple highlight of Sand. The upper half of the skin is Camo Green, then Dark Camo Green, then Black, to give the skin an alligator-like appearance. I’ve started blending the colours together using washes (nuln oil and agrax earthshade so far), which also provide a bit of shading to the recesses.

I still need to apply some highlights, and then probably a glaze/filter to tie everything together on the skin, before detailing the horns, claws, and face.

And then, I need to do the rider…