Spotify says it paid Taylor Swift millions. Her label disagrees. Here’s the truth

The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle:

$6 million, $500,000, $2 million — how do you reconcile all those numbers? It’s pretty simple actually. All these numbers could be accurate without conflict. Borchetta was looking to cherry pick the smallest possible figure, so he went with $500,000, which is what Spotify paid for Taylor Swift streams in the U.S.. But that is only one of its markets, and not even its largest. Globally, Spotify paid swift $2 million over the last year.

How did Ek get to whopping $6 million? As more people sign up for Spotify, and Taylor Swift continues her march towards infinite popularity, the amount she is getting paid is increasing. He took her trend line and ran it forward a year to get to the highest possible number he could quote.

via The Verge.