Warmachine Gameplay Tutorial Videos

Warmachine, by Privateer Press is a game which has been on my radar for a while now. I picked up the 2 player starter set earlier this year, but haven’t had time to assemble the miniatures, or learn how to play.

Over the year, I’ve seen plenty videos showing off Warmachine games (mostly fast-paced tournament games), but I’d yet to come across one which was a good introduction to how to play. Reading the rulebook is all well and good, but I really need to see the game played to understand it.

Thankfully, Privateer Press have started an introductory video tutorial series which teaches the basic rules of the game. There are 2 videos so far – a longer video describing the main nuts and bolts of the game, and a short lesson on terrain – both of which I’ve added to a YouTube playlist embedded at the top of this post. I’ll be adding any new videos to the playlist as they are released, so if you have a passing interest in learning to play Warmachine, it might be worth bookmarking this page to check back as more are added!