Jason Z @ Basecamp's Desk

The Desks of Basecamp

I love this look at the desks/working environments of the Basecamp1 staff. It combines a couple of things I like to see – how people work, and home décor. I find both to be a source of inspiration.

Personally, my favourites are Jason Z’s (above) and Tom’s (below) – they’re both just the right mix of modern and clean, but with enough fun and clutter to give some personality. That said, I’m re-evaluating my own work-from-home setup at the moment, so I’ll be pinching ideas from all of them!

Tom @ Basecamp's Desk

For comparison, here’s my current desk setup:

My Desk

  1. I still think of them as 37Signals, because it’s ingrained in my mind from years of following their growth.