My Top Workout Tracks for January

I’ve been hitting the gym since just after Christmas, as part of my goal to be more active in 2015. Without a doubt, music has been a big help in keeping me going through each session, and some tracks have stood out as helping more than others – so I figured I’d run through a few of those which have helped motivate me the most.

Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crüe

I’m not much of a Crüe fan, to be honest, but I’ve found Girls, Girls, Girls to be a great track for near the start of a workout, as I’m just getting into the swing of things.

Du Hast/Ich Will – Rammstein

Either of these tracks is brilliant for getting me through to the end of a cross trainer session. If I find I’m struggling in the last 3-4 minutes I’ll skip to one of these tracks and let the driving beats and guitars carry me to the finish line.

Metallingus – Alter Bridge

Again, it’s the drums, and the up-tempo guitars.  Usually best for me in the middle of a circuit, especially if I’m in need of something to push me up a gear.

I’m Always Here – Jim Jamison

Yes, it’s the Baywatch theme. No, I don’t know why it’s helping, but it is.

King of Kings – Motörhead

This one is usually on when I’m doing weights. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be heading towards a personal best in the leg press, and having this come on. In fact, it’s a great song to close out any hard workout session full-stop!

My full January playlist can be found here.