WWE Fastlane 2015

Just a few thoughts on last night’s PPV:

  • Bit of a sleeper during the opening 6-man tag match; can’t say I found it particularly entertaining. Of the participants, the only guy I’m a fan of is Seth Rollins, and it feels like they’re sticking him in this angle because they can’t think of anything better right now.
  • Golddust vs Stardust was a much better match, with some great in-ring story-telling. I’m looking forward to the inevitable rematch at Wrestlemania.
  • Tag championship match – meh.
  • Sting/Triple-H went exactly as expected.
  • Divas championship match – so much more could’ve been done. A Paige win could’ve set-up a Wrestlemania match with a returning AJ Lee, or Brie turning against Nikki setting up a proper conclusion to the Bella feud which followed SummerSlam.
  • The Intercontinental match was the match I was most looking forward to. It wasn’t exactly a classic, but a solid enough effort which sets up the Wrestlemania clash nicely.
  • Bray Wyatt’s segment I have to give credit to for not pulling a swerve where it was revealed he was challenging Kane or something else.
  • Rusev/Cena was easily one of the best matches of the show. Rusev comes out of it looking great, and it sets up a big fight rematch for Wrestlemania
  • Main event – the result was what I expected, so there was no surprise (right down to the handshake afterwards). This match was designed to win over those who doubt Reigns is ready for the ‘Mania main event. Was I convinced? Not entirely, but there was enough to see he’s improving fast. No doubt he’ll be “the man” in the future, but I don’t think he’s the right guy to face Lesnar in 5 weeks. [Sidenote: was it me, or was the crowd pretty much totally flat during long, long stretches of this match?]