How To Get The Samsung-Exclusive Hearthstone Rewards Without a Galaxy S6

There’s currently a cross-promotion happening between Blizzard and Samsung: if you own a Galaxy S6, and play Hearthstone on it, you can claim 3 free packs and a rather nice exclusive card-back.

Of course, The Internet loves to figure out how to get free/exclusive stuff without paying for it, so naturally, some bright spark figured out how to hack the Genymotion Android emulator (running on a PC) to trick Hearthstone into thinking it was running on an S6 – so simply login to your account to claim your cards. The original post is linked above, but I’ve cleaned up the instructions below (as they were changed a few times to fix some errors), including some direct links to downloads and a throwaway Genymotion account, as Genymotion’s  account creation process was down at the time of writing.

  1. Download Genymotion to your PC, and install it.
  2. Start up Genymotion, and click the “Add” button
  3. When prompted to login, use one of the accounts on this BugMeNot page
  4. Create a “Samsung Galaxy S5 – 4.4.4 …” device using the defaults
  5. Start the virtual device
  6. Open the Settings app. Click Security, then tick “Unknown Sources,” while clicking OK to any warning prompts
  7. Press Ctrl + Home to return to the home screen
  8. Open the Android browser app from the dock. Search for the Amazon App Store, and download it from Amazon’s site (I can’t help much here, it took me some clicking around to get the download)
  9. Drag down the notification area at the top of the screen. When the Amazon app  has downloaded, click to install it, while clicking OK to any prompts.
  10. Open the Amazon app. Sign in with your account, then search for and install Hearthstone
  11. Return to the home screen.
  12. Open the File Manager app. Click the icon in the top-left, then the cog in the bottom-left.
  13. Click on General Settings, scroll down, and change the mode to “Root.” Click OK to any prompts.
  14. Click the icon at the top-left to return to the file menu. Click on “/” (Home), then click the system folder. Click and hold on the file at the very bottom of the list (build.prop). When prompted, Click “Open,” then select the Editor option.
  15. Where you see `ro.product.brand=generic`, change it to say `ro.product.brand=samsung`. Add a new line which reads `ro.product.model=SM-G920F`. Save the file
  16. Close down Genymotion entirely.
  17. Reopen Genymotion, and open up your virtual device again. Open up Hearthstone. If you can’t see it, open up the Amazon app, and it will offer to install it, giving you the option to open it once finished.
  18. When prompted, sign in to Hearthstone with your usual account. Take care to ensure the correct region is selected. I’m on EU, but the app defaulted to North America
  19. Once logged in, the menu will load and present you with your “Galaxy Gifts”! Enjoy!